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Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography
Highly Practical, Research Oriented and Conducted at state-of-the-art WiFi campus/studios of IIP Academy, this is the most rigorous & professional photography course conducted in Regular batches. Spread across Six semesters, it extends theory, practical and research with experts, faculty & industry veterans, preparing for various genres to the students. Curriculum of UGC recognized Indian university. So, if you are serious to take up photography as a career, then this is a program for you.
Intensive, industry-ready creative professional program across various disciplines
Bachelor in Fine Arts - Photography
Bachelor in Fine Arts - Photography
Bachelor in Fine Arts - Photography

Modules for BFA

1.History of Photography

This is an introductory Module in digital photography. In this module, students will be introduced to history, art and culture of photography. Study of masters across various genres of art will be the primary focus. Students will get exposed to how photography gets its inspiration from various artistic mediums. Field visits to art galleries, museum, presentations and exercise to engage students for hands-on experimentation to develop vision.

2.Visual Studies

Along with the study of historical influences on photography, the module covers photography techniques and theories. Basics of color and black and white photography. Students will broadly understand photography as an artistic medium through reading, critiques, class discussions and field trips. As part of visual development, this module covers understanding of 2D & 3D animation, drawing and sketching sessions.

3.Photography Techniques

In this module, students learn the basics of photographic compositions and     master how to handle their cameras. Students are given extensive knowledge of the technicalities like shutter speed, aperture and ISO etc. Students will master these and other technicalities to shoot picture perfect frames.

4.Art Appreciation

Learning arts best done by looking at the work of masters, in this module, students learn the art of reading and analyzing images. Students get the exposure to various art forms and masters of photography and the art world. Students are given projects and presentations to improve their knowledge and enhance their vision.

5.Basic Image Editing Processing

In this module, students are given in depth knowledge of various image-editing software like Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge etc. The students also learn the art of image manipulation like dodging and burning, black and white conversion, skin retouching etc. Students will get exposure of how to edit RAW files and convert then into final JPEG files.

6.Image Printing, Presentation Sharing Techniques

Image printing is a very important process for a photographer, as showcasing of work requires eye-catching presentation. In this module, students learn various techniques of printing from the old processes like dark room printing to the new age digital printing. Students also learn the art of bookmaking, magazine printing, framing for an exhibition etc. The intense knowledge of printing gives our students edge for making professional portfolios.

7.Contemporary Art Forms

This module emphasis on History of Art in India, artistic practices and various themes. Social, economic and political contexts along with detail study about patronage and stylistic influences. Further, the students will be exposed to contemporary art forms, introduction to fundamental principles for three dimensional form and design. 

8.Literary and Critical Studies 

Introduction to literature and research practices, where students are required to develop essays based on critical analysis across the range of the genres. Emphasis is on using writing as an extension of the thought process and developing research skills. These module students will work   research based projects covering photography genres – documentary, photo-journalism and travel.

9.Studio Photography

Major commercial photography happens inside the studio. We give our students extensive training in the studio environment to develop their vision towards product, portraiture and fashion photography. Students learn how to setup their individual studios and implement different kind of shoots with various equipments. Specialized workshops on fashion photography are also arranged.

10.Advanced Photography Practice

Students are given knowledge of various creative techniques used in photography. Students get exposure to documentary, travel and wildlife photography. Various field trips are organized to give the students apt knowledge of these fields.


12.Self-Branding and Commercials of Photography

A photographer is his/her best marketer. This module covers all the aspects related to setting up and expanding the business for a photographer.

13.Specialization/Final Portfolio

A well-made portfolio for a photographer is a ladder for success. We aim to impart our full knowledge to our students to bring out the best in them. Students start developing their respective portfolios since the very beginning of the course. Mentors help the students to portray their best skills in the portfolio.


We at IIP are dedicated to provide our students with on the job training with various brands. Even before passing out from the institute our students get the knowledge of working in a big corporate and become ready to become the next leaders in the market.


The students, in order to complete their diploma will have to submit their portfolio based on the specialization the student chooses to pursue.