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IIP SIFFCY Pan India Photography Workshops
  • IIP SIFFCY Pan India Photography Workshops

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Greetings from IIP Academy - Your school of Photography
We sincerely hope that your photography endeavor is going on in full capacity and you are enjoying every bit of it, to your satisfaction. The reason why I am writing this to you is for a very special purpose. Taking forward our endeavor for social change, we have partnered with the Smile Foundation and SIFFCY for their upcoming Film Festival to be held at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi from 05th to 11th December 2016.

As you’ll witness a melange of moving on full display, we are also presenting you a chance for you to teach photography to the students of the Smile Foundation School Center in your city. These students are underprivileged and teaching them creative art like photography would be no less than any best charity in this world. Trust us; it is a chance for you to make a definite change!

A UNESCO research shows that art engages children's senses and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. Providing freedom of self-expression, choices, thoughts develops the brain capacity to the fullest in the early stages of childhood.

WHY PHOTOGRAPHY? An early exposure to a varied array of skills and experiences is crucial in a child's quest for their future interest and passion. Like with most hobbies, taking up photography can actually benefit children in many ways.

  • It teaches them to be observant.
  • It teaches them to be sensitive to their surroundings.
  • It helps develop attentiveness to details.
  • It encourages creativity and individuality.
  • It encourages them to be more expressive.
  • It helps enhancing their visualizations skills, thus, encouraging them to be an out of box thinker

What all materials will IIP Academy provide you

  • A presentation on IIP Academy and Photography
  • A total workshop of 2-3 hours depending on the nos. of students and its curriculum point wise. This include practical and review of pictures as well.

Dates can be chosen as per your comfort but from Monday to Friday as Saturday and Sunday the center remains closed. The timing would be from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm maximum.
What you will get

  • An appreciation certificate from IIP SIFFCY
  • You and your students at the workshop will click pictures on subject 'SMILE' and will be displayed at the Festival exhibition, the best entries across India will receive award and certificate.

What all you need to carry

  • Your camera, and laptop for presentation.
  • Please note this is a philanthropy project and thus involves no commercials. Your reply in this regard would be deemed as confirmation and any queries, if any would be highly appreciated.
  •   Workshop dates: 15th Sept. to 18th Nov. 2016
  • Picture of workshop and contest pictures to be submitted with in a week.